Baking Set with Linen Tea Towel

Malle W. Trousseau kitchen utensils are made by craftsmen with a genuine savoir-faire and love of their craft. The Malle W. Trousseau is the gift of a lifetime, for a lifetime. 

Malle W. Trousseau Small Set For Baking includes 3 essential tools to make any kind or recipe for cakes or pastries.

The balloon whisk is a multi-tasking utensil that beats and mixes all ingredient of a recipe. It emulsifies and aerates sauces perfectly and leaves them with no lumps.

The silicone spatula is flexible, with one side made for the angular shapes and the other for round. It is made from thermo-resistant silicone, which is easy to clean. The top of the spatula is also removable.

The stainless steel spatula again with a flexible blade and round edges, allows you to spread the filling over your cake and follow the precise shape of the cake. It can also be used to cut the cake. 

Please note this baking set now comes with a pure linen striped tea towel.

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Malle W. Trousseau Small Set For Baking

Brand: Malle W. Trousseau

Made in Germany

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