PET Lamp Mapuche Single Pendant

The Mapuche collection is given shape and colour in Huentelolen, a small village in the heart of Aracaunia region, home of the native Mapuche people. It explores a 500-years-old weaving technique, the “ñocha” native fibre and a social community environment.

The local patterns, the dominant natural colour of the local fibre and the non-dense texture give us an idea about the high complexity of the material and reveal its wide range of possibilities. Nonetheless, the lamps acquire a robust and generous shape, as the vivid proof of the Mapuche people’s strong character, closely linked to nature.

As a finishing touch, all lamps are added a last wide vertical band which imprints them personality.

The Mapuche craftspeople share the same complex “coiled” basketry technique as the Ethiopian ones and imprint stitch by stitch their personal stories and dreams in each lamp of this collection.

The shown models are just samples. Profile shapes may slightly vary from one piece to another, with each is a unique piece of art and will not be repeated necessarily overtime.

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PET Lamp Mapuche Single Pendant
Designer: Alvaro Catalán de Ocón
Dimensions: ø 75 x 40-45 cm aprox.
Each single lamp includes: One lamp shade, it’s electrical installation, 1.5 metres cable and a rosette.
Designed by PET Lamp Studio - Madrid, Spain
*Please note that shown models are samples. All lampshades are uniques.

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