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  • Dumbo Feather Issue #48

    One of the world's most prominent feminists who has paved the way for gender equality, Gloria Steinem is featured in this issue of DUMBO FEATHER. Issue #48 features a wonderful array of interviews of extraordinary people and is available now from Safari Living.


    Dumbo Feather #48

  • Dumbo Feather Issue #47

    The exciting new issue of DUMBO FEATHER is packed with insightful stories of extraordinary people. You won't want to miss it. Issue #47 is available now from Safari Living.
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    SUSAN CARLAND (cover) is a Muslim mother, lecturer and researcher who continues to speak her truth in the face of hate, with a commitment to love and tolerance.
    Susan Carland

    NORMAN DOIDGE is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, researcher and writer who presents a new paradigm for how the mind works and its potential to heal the body.
    DF Norman Doidge

    ROSE RWABUHIHI is the Chief Gender Monitor officer of Rwanda, a country which has rebuilt itself from deep devastation with values of inclusion and equality.
    DF Rose Rwabuhihi

  • Sally Campbell Loves Textiles

    After 25 years in the Australian Film industry, Sally decided to fully embrace her love and passion for handcrafted textiles and we are so glad that she did.


    Although Sally is harnessing traditional skills, unique to each of the regions that she travels to, she infuses these with her modern take on age old techniques. Her latest indigo collection, which has just arrived at Safari, illustrates this perfectly. A clever mix of natural indigo dye, block printing, shibori techniques and exquisitely executed, hand stitched details have resulted in a collection that offers singular statement pieces or a richly layered look.


    In addition to providing us with beautiful, natural heirloom pieces for our homes, Sally has helped villages reignite their textile heritage which had been threatened by large scale manufacturing. Some villages that had been reduced to one weaving loom, are now proudly operating dozens more to fulfil the orders placed by both local and international designers.

    You can view our selection of Sally Campbell Hand Made textiles here or visit the showroom to see the collection in person.

    For further information email us at

  • NLXL Wallpapers

    NLXL have been producing amazing collections of high quality wallpapers since their debut Scrapwood collection which they created with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek back in 2011. They continue to collaborate, having worked with Piet Boon, Merci Paris, Paola Navone and many others since then, consistently coming up with some of the most inspired wallpapers and murals available today.

    Here is a small selection of the NLXL collaborations, including the wonderful Biblioteca collection designed by Ekaterina Panikanova.

    You can also see more here. For further information email us at or visit the showroom.

  • Freunde von Freunden - Alvaro Catalán de Ocón Interview

    Here we share an edited version of an inspiring interview with Spanish designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón of the PET Lamp project in his Home & Workspace in Madrid from Freunde von Freunden - an international interview magazine that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes or daily working environment.



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