Block Printed Cotton Blanket

Using traditional block printing methods, the makers of Isfahan have been created beautiful fabrics for centuries. A versatile 100% cotton blanket, ready for a myriad of uses - take it to the beach, use it as a picnic rug, a tablecloth or an eye catching wall hanging.

Dyad Artisans is a Melbourne-based company which specialises in purveying and commissioning contemporary and traditional Persian designs.

Dyad means the relationship between two elements or two people. Their curated eye has enabled them to find and select a cohesive modern homeware collection which would suit and enhance any design-conscious home while retaining the essence of what makes Persian design special.

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Dyad Artisans - Block Printed Blanket

Brand: Dyad Artisans
Materials: 100% Cotton
Designed in: Iran
Dimensions: 150 x 200cm  
Care instructions: Hand wash in cool water.

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